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Book your conference hotel, transport, entertainment etc.

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Quotes, bookings, schedules, guest management etc. Avoid looking through hundreds of emails and making ten different excel sheets due to participants changing from double room to single room realizing that they don’t like fish and have a problem with the colour yellow.


We know that you,the booker has a large responsibility and want to ensure the best possible experience for everyone involved. Event Logic helps you do this, quicker and more efficient without reducing the quality.

Step 1


The first step to a successful event! We provide you with a basic structure, fill in and change information based on what you want your event to contain. Because we know all best laid plans have a tendency to change, you can of course adjust all the details when it suits you.

Step 2

Find your suppliers

Get suggestions for suppliers that can help you to make your event memorable. Choose between thousands of suppliers and book conferences, transport, teambuilding and more. With one press of a button you can ask for quotes from the suppliers you’ve chosen.

Step 3

Compare quotes

Suppliers prices are shown next to each other to make it easy to compare prices for every post. You also receive a total cost for the event if you have different suppliers. You can also see costs per delegate.

Step 4

Evaluate quotes and book your event

When you have received quotes from suppliers you can, if you wish share these with other decision makers. With one click they will receive the schedule, prices and presentations of the suppliers. When you have agreed on which suppliers you wish to use, you simply book them with one click.

Step 5

Invite your participants

To design your invitation with pictures and the company logo takes minutes. To receive all the details you need from your participants simply and quickly design a registration form with your own relevant questions. You can also send reminders to your participants and share your participant list with your suppliers.

Step 6

Changes and communication

As we previously mentioned, plans have a tendency to change, and change, and change again. Because you have direct contact with your suppliers you can quickly and easily change amounts, times etc. You can also easily communicate with your participants and make modifications throughout the whole booking and planning process.

Latest features

By high demand from our users two additional features have been released. As all our features its free of charge, for tickets we just charge the fee from the credit card processor, which means we can offer the lowest fees on the market.

Build event tickets and receive payment

In Event Logic you can now build tickets for your events and receive payment through credit card or invoice. Fully integrated with Fortnox. It takes just minutes to build as many types of tickets as you wish.

Name badges

Another new time-saving feature in Event Logic is name badges.By utilizing the questions you’ve asked your delegates you can design name badges for all of your participants. Print them out yourself or send them to the printers.

What our users think

Event Logic has been used to plan everything from cat exhibitions to a ball at the castle. But the most common bookings are though conferences, kickoffs and customer events.

Our users have many different titles. What most of them have in common are that they are tired of lists in Excel and endless email conversations and difficult participants. And they are smart.

Start planning

Time to find something/somewhere new?

We know how it feels. The last few years we’ve been to Brighton, Brighton and Brighton and even though the hotel is situated by the beach and has a fantastic restaurant, sometimes you yearn for something new. To help you get out of your rut we have amassed loads of different suppliers to give you inspiration that you of course book through Event Logic.

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