What is Event Logic?

Event Logic is a booking platform for meetings, conferences, team building, transportation and more. Event Logic makes it easy for companies to find you as a supplier and our tool makes communication with the customer easy.

How to answer a request in Event Logic:

1. Click the button in the mailbox to directly get to the current request.
2. Fill in prices on each line, please note that the customer can request price per person or item.
3. Make sure you have entered the prices correctly, see the total amount at the bottom.
4. Fill in the quotation's validity and booking terms for the current request.
5. Click send quotation.

How to become a supplier

Contact us and we will help you to create a presentation!



Why should you care about a request from Event Logic?
Most Swedish providers in hotels, restaurants, etc. are included in Event Logics database and are therefore searchable for customers seeking suppliers for their events and conferences.
By answering a request from a company that plans its event through Event Logic, you can simply get more business.
Once a customer has completed his event, that person can share the event with other users in Event Logic. If you are a supplier in this event, you will receive further exposure with the chance to receive more requests and business.
You minimize both unnecessary mail correspondence and miss, which often results in any changes made by the customer in draft or driving schedule.
How does it work?
It costs nothing for you as a supplier to be included in our database.
You will receive all requests directly to your email address and can now request via a link in the message. When you then get a deal, and only then, we will take out a brokerage commission of 5%. You never bind yourself, but just reject the request if you do not want the deal.
The customer can max invite 4 suppliers per request, which means there is a high chance of getting the deal.
We present and highlight suppliers based on your response rate on customer requests, and of course, how the customer assesses you as a supplier after the completed event.
You are always in direct contact with the end customer / event book.

Some of our satisfied customers

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